Re: A New Year (from Sally to Joanne)

From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Jan 1 19:00:32 2002

Dear Joanne, Hi, it's me, Sally. It's so good to hear from you. You've been through so much. What was Germany :Like? Maybe you don't feel like talking about it, but if you don't mind, I'm really interested. It sounds like your pain levels have decreased significantly. That is great news. I know you want no pain at all, as we all do, but a dcrease is good too. Please don't be discouraged. You sound so strong and focused. Nothing is perfect. We have to live with what we've got, and you seem to be doing a lot better than most. That doesn't mean that the board doesn't need you. There's strength in numbers, especially if we are to gear up and get more research which we desparately need. We want all the people we can get to help us receive government attention and more money for research so that we all may be pain free and live a normal life. All my love, Sally

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