hey ladies! Well what a day and some seriuos Pain ohh yaaa! now what?

From: Colette (luckylady379@aol.com)
Fri Aug 31 16:22:25 2001

Well my dad is still awaiting an answer for the feeding tube! the dumb dr. won't call me back! And the nurse in the hospital could careless! I do have a form of power of attorney because the state was suppose to go to court to get gaurdianship but it has not gone through yet so there for i'm down as next of kin so yes i make those decisions for now and i'm not going to let the state take over either so there's a fight! I had a really bad nigfht last night ohh boy i was hurting in bed most of the day but my lovely kids will not allow me to rest what else is ne LOL!!! My husband says its the stress factor that makes it worse which i'm sure its part of it! Ohh now our car is losing the water pump and brakes so this weekend were hunting for a new car what a joy i hate cardealers i swear they look at you as if you wear this sign screw me LOL!!! sorry could'nt help myself! On a better note all that pain made me make dr. appt. with a family dr. which my appt is this coming wens at 1;40pm wens! so maybe i can get him to give me something to get me through pain meds something i'll begg LOL! I'm so tired from not sleeping from the pain so i'll keep my fingers crossed. I see a GI doc on sept 28th so at least its a start! Yaaa i did it big steps! Now last but not least i want to thank you guys you are wonderful i wish you were here with me i could use those hugs but i know your here in spirit! Please take care and have a painfree day!! Love colette

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