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From: Nancy E. Hale (
Thu Aug 30 13:57:18 2001

Good afternoon girls!

So far so good. I'm on my third dose of oxycodone, and it seems to be relieving the pain quite well - not totally obliterating it, but reducing it enough that I can feel almost normal. It does make me a bit sleepy, and I do have weak spells, but that may change as I adjust to the meds and the change in pain levels. I've gone from a constant 9 down to a 5-7 range, which is a big difference. Slept great last night, only awake once.

JANET: Congratulations on the date! Keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well. Did you meet him on the trail as I thought you might? *LOL* As for the acupuncture, I'm willing to try anything, and as my GP is a licensed acupuncturist, it will be covered by our provincial medicare as a regular visit. No, I don't have to wait for spring to have it done, I get my first treatment in three weeks when I go back to the doctor for a follow-up on the oxycodone therapy. I can't get into the pain management unit until spring, and the PMU nurse said that acupuncture was one of the things they would likely try for pain control, so I suggested to the doctor yesterday that we try it now instead of waiting. She was agreeable, and we set it up for my next appointment.

LORI: Seems like we have another feline afficianado on the Board *grin* Welcome and *purrrrrr* from me and my two spoiled brats here in New Brunswick (Canada). Janet Karam is another cat lover, as well as several others, while Chrissy has her new puppy, Lynda has dogs (she is also in AZ), and Sally Grigg has a chocolate llama! Hmmm, seems like we ARD sufferers are also great believers in pet therapy.... Don't be scared to speak out or ask questions on anything that is bothering you, someone if not everyone, will do their best to give you our individual experiences.

KATHLEEN: I can totally understand your attitude about trying anything. I was in the same frame of mind yesterday when I went to my doctor's appointment.

SALLY: Your doctor seems to think if s/he doesn't mind, it doesn't matter. the doc is not the one suffering, you are. Try the therapy, but make sure the doc understands that you are the one in pain, you DO mind, and it DOES matter. This is not a psychological problem, it is a physical one, and all the "mind over matter" therapy in the world is not going to reduce your suffering, it's only going to make the doctor feel better.

LESA: Here's hoping for the best for you next week. We all need something that will work for us.

TONI: Did it work yet? How are you feeling? If you haven't gone yet, maybe it's time to call the doctor, as much as you hate to. Thinking of you Sweetie! Oxycodone is different from Oxycontin. Can't quite explain the difference, but Oxycontin is morphine based.

JO: It was great chatting with you last night. Do you realise that for once we were both on the same day???? *LOL* The new drugs seems to be working OK so far, making me a little jittery and wobbly until I get used to them though. I've already told Chester that I'm not driving until I know for sure how I'm going to react to them, which means at least a week. I sure knew this morning that I had slept through a dose. It was great having the pain levels down to where I could live with them last night - I slept over 9 hours (!) which meant that I missed a dose. I took it as soon as I woke up, and washed it down with almost half of a cantaloupe!!!! *LOL* It was sooooo good. I haven't spoiled myself with a cantaloupe in so long, but they had a really good sale on them this week.

So girls, that's it for now. Hugs and warm fuzzy thoughts to every one. I'm off to do some more sorting and unpacking - making some progress towards combining two houses into one, even though I am taking things slow. Chester and his dad have the floor in place for two-thirds of the addition, and part of one wall for my computer and crafts room, and we are hoping to get it closed in before cold weather hits. We can always do the drywalling and decorating while the snow flies.

And I have the back of one cardigan almost finished. I want to get this one finished and another one knit for Christmas presents, as well as making all the gifts for everyone else in the families - cheaper that way, and keeps me busy and in one place all at the same time.

Love & Hugs

Nancy in NB

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