Sally a whinge is........

From: Wally (
Thu Aug 30 00:55:37 2001

Hey Sal,

A whinge is the aussie word for someone who compains often or loudly about anything & everything! LOL Us aussies have words for everything!

A person with red hair often has the nick name "bluey" for example. Garbo is the slang word for the man who collects the rubbish once a week......."Mossie" is a pesky little mosquito who bite is not pleasant!

Blowies - are huge flies that find our BBQ within seconds of the meat starting to sizzle on the Barby (BBQ)

I could go on forever! We tend to shorten names...or change them I have another friend called Sally....I call her Sals, I have a niece called Kelly....who we call Kels...

I could go on but I don't want to bore you too much!

love, hugs & cheers

Jo (wintering in Oz)

At Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Sally Grigg wrote: >
>Except, dear Wally Jo, what is whinge?
> wrote:
>> Jo...
>> Go ahead and throw a few eggs....what the heck! I hope tomorrow is a
>> better
>> day for you.
>> Love,
>> Lesa

Positive Affirmation

Say this with your hands above your head (victory style) and repeat three times: I'm Alive I'm Alert I'm a LOT of fun!!

That should get you smiling!

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