Re: Jo....

From: Lori (
Wed Aug 29 23:36:09 2001

At Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Marianne Bolding wrote: >
>Jo. We're battling a 107 degree heat wave here in
>Tucson, AZ need for heating pad here. LOL You
>rest your buddy "the cyst". Don't want that bursting
>and infecting your insides like mine did. That's just
>more adhesions. It is so boring to ache and lay in
>bed. But, it is the best sometimes....Love ya
>--- Wally <> wrote:
>> Believe it or's been too wet to enjoy my
>> egg throwing
>> :-(.......but it sure was fun thinking about it!
>> My pain has been getting worse over the last few
>> days...I suspect that I
>> have another cyst........I'm laying in bed nursing
>> the lap top....this
>> is when I need you guys.....I get sooo sick of bed!
>> Hope the weather isn't too hot for you, I have
>> noticed on the news that
>> quite a few states are battling fires at the
>> moment....hope everyone of
>> you is safely away from all that!
>> Have a pain free day Lesa,
>> love, hugs & cheers
>> Jo
>> At Tue, 28 Aug 2001, wrote:
>> >
>> >Jo...
>> >Go ahead and throw a few eggs....what the heck! I
>> hope tomorrow is a better
>> >day for you.
>> >Love,
>> >Lesa
>> --
>> Positive Affirmation
>> Say this with your hands above your head
>> (victory style) and repeat three times:
>> I'm Alive I'm Alert I'm a LOT of fun!!
>> That should get you smiling!
>Marianne Bolding
>"Nature Belongs to the Eyes That See It"


Hi, I am new to posting on this board, but I noticed you are in Tucson, Az also. I have placed my story on the Ad quilt a bit ago, and was really amazed how many ppl are suffering from the same problems as I have been. Knowing there is someone so close to me that is with ARD, is kind of reassuring. I guess because living with this disease is so terrible, and knowing your not alone is comforting. I have been reading the boards for a few months now, and decided to jump in and meet the caring , kind ppl here. Not many ppl can truly understand the extent to which ARD effects everything in your life- from eating, to sleeping. I hope to meet more ppl with whom I can give and get support from. The only positive aspect about suffering with this disease for so long, is finally finding all of you, who know, really know, what I go thru. Hugs and kitty kisses to all Lori=^..^

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