Re: no sympathy/to Cheryl from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Aug 29 22:07:49 2001

Dear Cheryl, I'm amazed that you could go back to work so fast. That in itself is an incredible feat. Do you have any pictures or a video of your operation? They are great for showing people what happened. You get more respect that way. Maybe you could download some off of the adhesions site ( to show people what adhesions are.

However, property management is not a touchy, feely, feel good type of work, its all about money and things breaking down as you know. So maybe your co-workers were hired because they were the kind of people who can't get emotionally involved easily. That's a plus in property management. I did it for awhile and hated it, especially when someone had to be evicted for non-payment of rent. I'm way too sensitive for that. You may be too. So don't expect "good vibes" from your peers, they not only don't know your pain, they may not even care if they knew. Sorry to be so blunt.

And you don't sound cranky to me, you sound like someone who has been through a lot and life is hard. So be nice to yourself, even if no one else will be nice to you.

We're here for you. Love, Sally Grigg

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