I'm off the codeine!

From: Nancy E. Hale (nanny@nbnet.nb.ca)
Wed Aug 29 21:17:57 2001

Hello again!

COLETTE: Hang in there kiddo. You know we are all pulling for you to find relief.

KARLA: I'll be thinking of you tomorrow when you go back in. I know it's been a long week for you, glad you made it.

LEIGHSA: So sorry for your loss and for your continuing pain. Figuring out what caused adhesions can be so difficult, and dealing with the aftermath can be so frustrating. I think we all have been victims of the "but you don't look sick" mentality.

TONI: ARGHHH! I can feel your pain. How about if we form a virtual cheerleading squad for you? Something like "Push it out! Shove it out!". Nope, that wouldn't work either, cause pushing hurts too. Been there, done that. Sorry, Sweetie, wish I was more help.

LISA: This is great news! Congratulations on starting to regain your life.

JO: So sorry you're under the weather as well as under the equator. You've been through so much since we met, that I feel guilty when we chat and I'm not in the best of moods. Gentle hugs to you my friend.

I'm in a great frame of mind tonight. I had a dr. appt. today, and when she came in the room, she started apologizing to me as she had just learned that codeine does not work for some people, who do not have the right receptors to break the drug down so that it will control the pain. I knew this already, as it was released by the National Institute of Health fro the National Center for Research about a month ago. I was so relieved I almost started crying.

So I am now on Oxycodone for the next three weeks to see what happens. I also have a follow-up appointment with the doctor in three weeks, at which time she will try a session of acupuncture (at my request - the Pain Management Unit nurse said that they would probably try acupuncture and nerve blocks when I finally get in to see them sometime the first part of next year). The doctor agreed with me that if they are going to suggest it anyway, and my family physician is a licensed acupuncturist, we may as well try it now and see if it helps. At least the doc knows that I am willing to try anything and I am not afraid to research this problem on my own and then go to her for a professional opinion on what I have learned.

The first dose of oxycodone has lowered the pain levels somewhat, so I guess I'll find out what works or doesn't work over the next couple of weeks.

I'm off to the archives to do my research! And to find the link to that snowball fight ;)

Nancy in NB

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