Re: I just wanted you to know i'm thinking of all of you!!!!

From: Rose Lunn (
Wed Aug 29 18:40:20 2001

Good to hear from you Colette! But you need to eat something, even if it is Ensure! Keep up your strength, girlfriend! kcmo rose

At Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Colette wrote: >
>I'm so sorry i have'nt posted for awhile!! I got the kids off to school
>finally and threw myself into painting but my body hurts so bad that i'm
>slowing it down for a bit but boy it looks nice!!!
>it seems i'm either painting or on the potty or trying to sleep and in
>this house thats hard! Plus now i keep myself busy i really don't eat
>yikes!! My mom told me i look terrible ahh life goes on!!
>Well i do read everyday and pray for everyone one of you! God bless you
>all hope you have some painfree days ahead!!!

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