Ectopic Pregnancy...for Leighsa Wilson

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Wed Aug 29 13:27:40 2001

The following question from "Frequently Asked Questions" will help to answer whether your second twin could've had a chance for life:

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Question: Is it possible to remove the baby from the tube and put it into the womb? Answer: Although this has been tried, it has never been done successfully.

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[]] Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

[] Information:

* Symptoms

* Ectopics - how they happen

* Detailed description of ectopics

* Frequently asked questions

* Chlamydia trachomatis infection

* Links to Useful Websites

* Ectopic Pregnancy in the News

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[] Questionnaire:

* Research questionnaire

This questionnaire is intended to help the earlier diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and make advances in the treatment and management of ectopic pregnancies.

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[] The Trust:

* About the Trust & Contact Details

Our Message Board is highly active and is helping women to contact each other to swap stories and give support.

* Friends of EPT

* Interview with our patron Amanda Redman

If you want to speak to a woman who has had an ectopic pregnancy and can offer helpful advice without you feeling any kind of embarrassment then phone the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust Helpline: 01895 238 025 for sympathetic help and advice.

* Message Board for you to ask questions, share experiences of ectopic pregnancy and support each other. Please feel free to post your own messages.

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