To Cheryl RE: No Sympathy

From: Heike F. (
Wed Aug 29 11:50:50 2001

Hi Cheryl, As far being cranky, heck, I was cranky before my surgery because I was never feeling well enough. And I know what you are going through as far as your work not being kept up with while you are having surgery and trying to recover. Sympathy? I think people just don't realize what we are going through. I had surgery earlier this year to have adhesions removed. At the time of my surgery, I did not know I had adhesions. I had all sorts of nightmares about what could be wrong, though my Gyno did say it was most likely scar tissue. When my husband called my work after surgery to give an update, one girl he talked to started telling people that the doctor didn't find anything. I know she was referring disease such as tumor and such, but it made me angry anyway. The doctor did find something, adhesions, which are painful and cause many problems.

Anyway, enough of my nagging about my experience. Hope your surgery fixed all your problems and you will not have to deal with the pain anymore.

Hang in there and keep your chin UP!


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