Toni- Herblax

From: Jean Long (
Wed Aug 29 10:58:35 2001

I don't know how "safe" Herblax or any laxative is but you gotta go and this has been my only way to do that. It is a natural laxative although even natural is still a laxative. It has the ingredients etc. on the web-site. These have been my salvation!!!

You will have to play around with the dose to find what works for you. I started with 4 a night many many years ago. I know of some who only need one or two a night and it keeps working for them, so everyone is different. I know of paraplegics who have been put on these for constipation problems. I now take 10 every night.

Good luck, Jean

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At Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Jean Long wrote: >
>Herblax does have Senna in it, however it is the only way I go, and it
>keeps working while others quit working after a short while.
>Ex-lax and Colace don't work for me and Exlax even has Senna.
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>I do not post alot here anymore, but have been reading your posts and
>prayung for all of you! I wish you all thinking about and having
>surgery, the very best! I have not been feeling much better, but still
>trying to go on. The drs here have said that with no guarentees it is
>hard to go and try surgery again! I feel like I should try again, but
>after 7 laparotomies, and 3 laps, I am scared to death!
>I still am living on laxatives, and on Monday I took 2 senekot, and 2
>colace to cut sown on senna, and did not go yesterday, normally it
>works, and I was sitting at the computer last night, and suddenly I got
>major pain in the upper area of the abdomen, and it hrt very bad to
even >push on that area just alittle! I guess it was gas, try to guess and
>chewed a couple Maalox, and it subsided after a short time, but the gas
>finally came out. It hurts pretty bad this morning, but I tool senekot
>again last night, I have not gone yet but I hope it feels better after
I >go! As I have said I do read here as much as I can, but have been busy
>working on ebay, and we have an antique show this Sunday! I love those,
>and we USUALLY make alot of money! I wish you all pain free days, and
>good luck to all of you facing suregry, and all of you who are
>recuperating now too. Karla, I have been thinking and praying very
hard >for you, you have been through so much! I will continue to pray very
>hard for your recovery!! Sally you too, I hope you feel better soon,
all >that surgery, and to still be in pain is awful! I feel I have gotten
>worse after all my surgery on 98. I had a poor surgeon years ago, and
I >am paying of it now! Oh well cannot turn the clocks back! Life had to
go >on!
>Love to all,

Jean, I was told for many years that senekot was SAFE, because it was a vegetable laxative, now my drs ay it is the harshest one around. MOM does not work for me, or does Lastulose anymore, it used to work very well years ago, now NOTHING! I know that is safe for you!


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