Symptoms will not go away!

From: toni welsh (
Wed Aug 29 07:36:43 2001

I do not post alot here anymore, but have been reading your posts and prayung for all of you! I wish you all thinking about and having surgery, the very best! I have not been feeling much better, but still trying to go on. The drs here have said that with no guarentees it is hard to go and try surgery again! I feel like I should try again, but after 7 laparotomies, and 3 laps, I am scared to death!

I still am living on laxatives, and on Monday I took 2 senekot, and 2 colace to cut sown on senna, and did not go yesterday, normally it works, and I was sitting at the computer last night, and suddenly I got major pain in the upper area of the abdomen, and it hrt very bad to even push on that area just alittle! I guess it was gas, try to guess and chewed a couple Maalox, and it subsided after a short time, but the gas finally came out. It hurts pretty bad this morning, but I tool senekot again last night, I have not gone yet but I hope it feels better after I go! As I have said I do read here as much as I can, but have been busy working on ebay, and we have an antique show this Sunday! I love those, and we USUALLY make alot of money! I wish you all pain free days, and good luck to all of you facing suregry, and all of you who are recuperating now too. Karla, I have been thinking and praying very hard for you, you have been through so much! I will continue to pray very hard for your recovery!! Sally you too, I hope you feel better soon, all that surgery, and to still be in pain is awful! I feel I have gotten worse after all my surgery on 98. I had a poor surgeon years ago, and I am paying of it now! Oh well cannot turn the clocks back! Life had to go on!

Love to all, Toni

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