Re: Does anyone know if MS Contin works better than Methedone?

From: Karla (
Tue Aug 28 22:30:48 2001

I don't know anything about Methadone. But, I do take MS Contin. It is the same thing as morphine. Originally I was prescribed 15mg twice a day. It did nothing. The doctors around here really didn't want to do anything about increasing it, but my doctors in Chicago upped it to 30mg twice a day and then when that wasn't working (it did work for a time) I myself began taking it three times a day. I had researched it and found out that it should be taken three times a day and that 30 was about the minimum doseage. When I got sick out in California and my blood pressure was so out of control they decided to focus on pain control. They increased my MS Contin to 60mg three times a day and gave me liquid morphine to take inbetween for breakthrough pain. I can take this every 2 hours. I take the smallest amount on the medicine dropper. For the most part the MS Contin at this dosage has worked great....until my wound infection. Now I take the liquid morphine all the time. A local doctor just about flipped out when he heard the dosages I take. But, around here they are afraid to deal with pain. I am so glad that I got sick in California and met up with doctor who did not have that fear.

I guess what I am trying to say is maybe it isn't the MS Contin that isn't working....just the fact that they aren't giving you an adequate dose.


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> At Fri, 15 Sep 2000, Linda Halford wrote: > > > >Yes, Linda, I have taken MS Contin and had no success with it; however, as > >you know, all people react differently to drugs. If Methedone works, don't > >change! I am considering a Morphine Pump. This has to be implanted into > >the back. I want to have the "Adhesiolysis" but at this time I cannot > >afford $5000 up-front monies to have it done. Are you going to have this > >surgery? > > > >-- > >Linda Halford, Jacksonville, FL > > > >>From: "Linda Ehler" <> > >>Reply-To: > >>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS > >><> > >>Subject: Does anyone know if MS Contin works better than Methedone? > >>Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 13:27:53 -0500 > >> > >>Hi... I am a bit curious if anyone has had good luck or any experience with > >>MS Contin vs. Methdone for pain? I take Methedone 10mg 3 x a day or more > >>sometimes. I does take the edge off and I don't feel out of it or anything. > >>I don't know how the MS Contin might be. I am allergic or have many adverse > >>reactions to many drugs like percoset, codeine, etc. Just curious...Thanks > >>for any input. > >>Linda > >> > > -- > I KNOW WHAT OXYCONTIN IS AN THEY COME IN 10,20,40 AND 80MG. IT IS GOOD FOR PAIN AND YOU ONLY NEED TO TAKE THEM MAYBE TWICE A DAY. IT IS SIMILAR TO METHEDONE BUT DOES NOT LAST AS LONG. ALSO THEY MAKE YOU ITCH. I DONT KNOW HOW YOU WOULD REACT TO IT SINCE YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO PERCACETS AND CODEINE, BUT THEY DO NOT HAVE THAT INGRIEDENT. JODY >

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