To Gloria from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Aug 27 14:26:25 2001

Dear Gloria, what an upbeat reply. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into it. I need to focus on the good things, but I'm really scared because I don't have enough help here at the Inn right now and my husband doesn't want me to hire more people, but I have to. So that means I have to go against him and do what I know is right. That's always a hard position, but one I've done many times before.

I'm sorry you don't have enough money to go right now for surgery. You should be aware that it takes two doctors to operate (I think). I'm almost sure (but not positive) that only one doctor would be insufficient, and they wouldn't put themselves in a position of not being prepared for all contingencies. As long as you can function and have bowel movements, you can delay surgery. I know that I'm not a doctor so don't listen to me, but its quite an ordeal. Some people get better, some don't. I also think that there are other good doctors out there. Do you have any insurance at all? If your adhesions are wrapped tightly around your intestines, that's a big problem. You'd know, because you wouldn't be able to "go". Prayers and love, Sally

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