Re: groin adhesions

Sun Aug 26 23:45:17 2001

Dear Patti,

My heart goes out to you for everything that you've been through only to find yourself still in such pain. You aer in the right place and I'm so glad you found us, it has been a huge relief to me to find the support and personal experiences shared on this site. I would encourage you first and formost to get your pain under control. Please talk to your doctor about pain management. Many of us who have had multiple surgeries like yourself and are still in pain have had been able to return to a more tolerable level of pain with the use of opiate pain medications such as Oxycontin. If your Obgyn is uncomfortable prescribing these for you, please ask him to refer you to a pain clinic.

I hope you will take some time to search through the informationand links on provided by this website. If you search through the message archives, enter words like "groin pain" I'm sure some info will come up for you, many of us with adhesions or endo have had similar pain to what yu describe.

As for intramuscular adhesions, there is no surgical procedure to help with this, however neuromuscular massage therapy can help, and has helped me, as does moist heat application.

Please let us know how we can help...we're here for you!


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