Re: pain is back-To Janet

From: Gloria (
Sun Aug 26 19:44:38 2001

Wow, Janet, that is it exactly!! I just couldn't find the right words. I do feel like I kind of have failed in some way. Oh well, at least I am learning about ARD now, and how to deal with it. And it certainly helps talking with you and the others. Also I have more confidence in dealing with the docs now that I have learned so much from this board. Sorry you've gone through this, too.....what a b@#$h of a disease. Why do words of understanding, comfort and love make me cry? I don't understand. I 'm not having a real good day. Thank you so much for your reply. There also seems to be some conflict-.....because I am so thankful that there are other people out there who do feel like I do (as far as severe pain 24/7) and others who are so much worse.....I don't know...I guess it just feels wrong to be glad there are other people who are suffering like I am just so I don't feel all alone. I know that's not really logical, but , you know what I mean. Anyhow, hope today finds you feeling better.

sending a smile and a gentle hug, in friendship, Gloria :) wrote:

> Dear Gloria,
> I understand what you have said here, and wheat you are feeling. Crazy
> that
> the shame comes up isn't it, but it did for me too. When my pain came
> back
> not only did I feel I was letting all of you down, but all of my
> freinds and
> family too...everyone was so happy and relieved that I was doing
> better and I
> felt hope for treatment of adhesions was possible afterall. Then one
> day
> there was no question, the pain was not surgical/healing, it was
> gripping
> pulling adhesion pain. The first response from so many is
> denial(including
> your own), you want so badly to believe it's not true. Then if you say
> it out
> loud it makes it even more true.
> It takes alot of courage to share what you did with us and we would
> want to
> know what's really happening because we care for you. I hope that you
> will
> lean on us as you need to.
> Much Love,
> Janet

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