Sally, Lesa, Karla, Gloria, & Helen D

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Sun Aug 26 19:17:01 2001

At 04:41 PM 8/26/01 -0500, you wrote: >My dear Nancy, STOP working so hard. You're going to be in really, really bad
>pain, if you're not already. How's that for being bossy. I'm sorry, but it
>sounds like you're really overdoing. If I can put things off here, you can put
>things off there. Hang some sheets on the windows with push pins and lay down.
>Please. Love ya, Sally

Yes Mommy!!! *Giggle*

Honestly Sal, I am taking things easy. I've got the material for those curtains cut (have been for the past 3 or 4 days), but I haven't even put a pin in them yet. Chester has been helping with sorting and moving, and the hardest thing I've done has been to go through Shawn's clothes (!)

I have slowed down this week, now that the rush is over to get moved back in. I promise that the hardest task I will attempt for the next week is to walk from one house to the other and get dressed for the doctor's appointment. For some strange reason, here in Canada they frown on you going out in public in a housecoat and slippers - can't understand that, personally ;)

LESA: I try to stay positive, and I definitely count my blessings. The biggest blessing I have is my Other Half, and I thank God every day that he can put up with me.

KARLA: Sorry to hear you were back in before you were supposed to be, but keeping you in my prayers for the rest of the procedure to go as originally planned. Miss you on the board. Still no snow on top of Katahdin, but probably won't be long, it's been COLD up here the past couple of nights.

GLORIA: Sorry you're feeling miserable again. Things were looking so good, but I guess that's the main reason no one here wants to operate on me. Glad you enjoyed Sturgis. A good friend of mine has a '79 Sportster - beautiful bike!

HELEN D: Thanks for the virus and hoax links. I'm sending that on to my daughter, who seems to be convinced that her computer is invincible to all viruses and that all chain letters she gets are the Gospel Truth.

Love you all.

Nancy in NB

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