Re: Helen Chalmers on quilt

Sat Aug 25 22:27:06 2001

Well you gals sure do make a 40ish woman feel wonderful, if only in mind, as my body at times feels like it's 80, but at other times I can jump on the trampoline straight into the built in pool (my children's eyes almost popped out of their heads when I did that the other day), I was showing my daughter, Crystal, that if you jumped real high and catavaulted yourself at least 6 feet you would land safely in the deep end of the pool. With seeing her mom do it, she figured it could be done and followed me in. Alex had already mastered a half-pike, forward and backward flip, etc., while I managed a cannonball (it felt wonderful), and got great big laughs from my kids.

Love to you all and I'll be back on board in about 10 days. May the pain level stay low, those that need help find it, and all stay out of the emergency room.

Helen C.

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