Re: ATTENTION!! -- FDA Meeting Sept. 13-14 on Medical Use of Opioid Analgesics

Sat Aug 25 17:25:30 2001

Dear Helen,

Thank you for giving us this info and the opportunity to make a difference with our future healthcare. I hope everyone will follow the links and write in, your future comfort may depend on this. Below is the copy I sent:

I am 33 years old with non-malignant chronic pain. While I am still inhibited partly because of my pain, I am able to live a more active and balanced lifestyle due to the pain-relieving benefits of OxyContin which I have not experienced with non-opiate analgesics. If the committee puts tight restrictions or regulations on opiate analgesics, those of us who have experienced such benefits will be the ones who are hurt the most. I hope the committee will keep in mind, those of us who suffer from non-malignant chronic pain, whose lives have improved with the use of such treatments. Sincerely, Janet Karam

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