To Chrissy from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Aug 25 14:44:11 2001

Sweetheart, appeal the denial, appeal the appeal, appeal the denail, appeal the appeal, you get the idea. Go hand in hand with reams of downloaded info on ARD, operations, symptoms, letters from professionals, friends, doctors, activists. There are many people on the board who could write you one great letter. Don't give up.

Bureaucracies falter and give in under the weight of paper work and public and professional opinion. Make it harder for them to deny you than approve you. If you can not drive, you can't work either. You are sick. If you find another job, its not your fault if you faint, cry, double over, fall on the floor, vomit on someone, spend hours in the bathroom, tell everyone in sight how you feel, cry in pain, etc. All my love, and prayers, your good friend, Sally

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