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Sat Aug 25 12:32:14 2001

Helen C.and Toni, I myself just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas, it was a wonderful experience. I got pampered, (i.e. massage, hair cut, etc.) I have never been on a cruise so it was so exciting. As you know I had surgery in Pa. in May and I am still in constant pain, but when I was on my cruise I felt better so I think that a vacation is very good for us that suffer with this crappy ARD. Even though I am worn out from it, it was worth it. I also think that if any of you can possibly work outside the home, it would be good for you. I work 4 hours a day at Drug Court and even though it wipes me out, I think it is better for me although sometimes the pain over-rides my concentration when I am at work, it does get my mind off of the pain at times. Kel

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> >Don't know if you're off the board yet...but, have a
> >good vacation. I'm taking a 3 day one myself around
> >Labor Day...going to the familys cabin in Prescott,
> > T.V.'s, phones, (there is a radio and all the
> >other anomities of home-ie;microwave, oven,


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