From: toni welsh (
Sat Aug 25 07:24:04 2001

At Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Marianne Bolding wrote: >
>Don't know if you're off the board yet...but, have a
>good vacation. I'm taking a 3 day one myself around
>Labor Day...going to the familys cabin in Prescott,
> T.V.'s, phones, (there is a radio and all the
>other anomities of home-ie;microwave, oven,
>bathroom)'s my 2nd year anniversary with my
>hubby. Have Fun...and avoid pain, as, I hope to.
>Love, Marianne
>--- wrote:
>> Hi everyone:
>> The Chalmers family is off for a long due vacation
>> to Ocean City, Maryland so
>> I will be off the board for about 10 days. Love and
>> prayers to everyone.
>> Helen C.
>Marianne Bolding
>"Nature Belongs to the Eyes That See It"

We just returned from a cabin in Gatlinburg! We stayed in the honeymoon hills, and had a good time, I said we were the only old ones in there. We had tv but NO PHONE!! And a heart shped jacuzzi! I tried! It helped some!! HAHA!


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