to everyone ")

Fri Aug 24 10:45:26 2001

Hi there sweet people, I'm unsubscribing to receiving all adhesions email. That doesn't mean that I'm going away from the site or you, it just means that I'll read the email through the threads instead of receiving all the emails. This will be much easier for me. I just found out today that my long term disability has been denied. I have no source of income coming in now from myself. Only Pete's check and that doesn't cover all the bills we have. I don't know what my next step is, I'm scared, in shock, and my heart hurts along with all the &##$!! adhesion pain. I have no other choice other than to go back to work, no other choice. I love you all, thanks for all the support and love! Here is wishing you all a pain free life - forever Hugs and Love, ~Chrissie xo's

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