Coping: Colette

From: Helen Dynda (
Thu Aug 23 11:07:17 2001

Dear Colette,

Your coping strategies will help you through the "dark moments" - which many of us experience because of ARD.

You have come a long way!! Keep up the good work!!

Love, Helen

At Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Colette wrote:

I read the suicide thing and cried because i too get like that!! Because i'm tired of living this way it really makes me sad and mad gosh it just bothers me i get so moody some days! For now i'v started a project that is long over due! And it requires lots of work butI take my pain pills let them work and started painting our trailer inside finally finished my bedroom. Now i'm tackling the hallway it makes me feel useful !!! But boy am i paying for it i'll just take a break for a day but it looks so nice!

Love colette

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