Re: pain relief

Wed Aug 22 19:49:55 2001

Your only alternative now is to find a pain specialist and stay on pain management. I am not familiar with the pain medication that you were prescribed, but it seems that it is not helping you so you may want to ask those of us here what we have found that helps with the pain the best and ask to be put on the proper medication. Sometimes doctors are very reluctant to give you narcotic pain medication, and this may be what is happening with you. There are many here at the board that have been prescribed oxycontin which seems to help a lot with this amount of pain and also another narcotic medication for break-through pain. I found that physical therapy didn't help or any other injections, epidurals, etc. didn't help at all. I can function at a somewhat normal level on the oxycontin and tylox for breakthrough pain. A heating pad will help with the pain and of course, learning how to protect yourself from going into a level of pain that even the pain meds won't help; i.e., vacuuming, cleaning, scrubbing, (chores). Unfortunately, we all have to do them as most of us don't have maids, but know we will have to pay the price of a higher pain level.

See if your doctor will listen to you that the medication you are on isn't helping and see if he will prescribe something stronger, if he won't, start looking for a new doctor. If you need assistance finding a pain specialist, please contact me and let me know where you live and I can see if I can help you find one near you.


Helen C.

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