For more than 6 years I suffered from untreated depression!!

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Aug 22 18:28:02 2001

Recently, Sally told of her experience of unsuccessfully trying to help a young girl, who had overdosed on pills. I realize now that some information about suicide might have provided some help not only to Sally - and those, who were called to try to resusitate this young girl - but also for those of you, who read those messages -- and who may have had suicidal thoughts at one time or another.

After dealing with adhesions for more than 31 years, I know how difficult it is to try to live with the chronic pain of adhesions; and I know how I felt when so many doctors told me over and over again that "Adhesions don't cause pain." And they insinuated that my pain must be ALL in my head - meaning that it wasn't real." IT WAS REAL -- TOO REAL!!

For more than six years I was never prescribed pain medication -- only muscle relaxants and tranquillizers! For more than six years, I suffered from constant, unrelenting, debilitating pain - and there weren't ANY doctors, who believed me!! Many times over that span of more than six years, thoughts of suicide entered my head -- MANY TIMES!! I am so thankful to God and a special doctor and friend -- who took a personal interest in helping me and who prescribed the right kind of medication for me. I was was suffering from MAJOR DEPRESSION!! I was constantly in pain, unable to get restful sleep, my relationships had deteriorated, I was unable to do anything, I had lost my ability to concentrate and my memory was failing me. Yes, it was at those times that suicide entered my mind!

This wonderful doctor was aware of the Mind-Body Connection - a concept that was accepted in the early 1970's. He prescribed an antidepressant for me - and gradually increased the strength of this medication until I was getting a therapeutic dose. Within a week's time I was beginning to sleep through the night and my pain began to diminish in intensity. My story about this time in my life is on the Adhesions Quilt. I invite you to read it.

The article I posted today from the American Medical Society website - written by the American Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - is certainly proof that "Adhesions can and do cause pain!"

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