Re: No solutions for abdominal pain

From: Kim (
Wed Aug 22 13:42:32 2001

Reply. I am 28 year old mother of 3 with crohn's disease. I have been in and out of hospitals for over 5 years. On various rx including asacol, statex, flagyl, prednisone, demerol, morphine, ms contin, etc. etc. I was just wondering if the GI specialist that accused your wife of addiction happens to work for the Queensway Carleton Hospital? I had a terrible experience at that hospital with a dr Pate. He is an idiot who has no idea what pain is and I would rather die than ever be sent back to him or that hospital. I was in severe pain with bleeding and diarrhea and they accused me of seeking narcotics. Even though I already have rx for morphine at home. Also I have better things to do with my time than sit in a hospital for hours just to get drugs. Anyway I sympathize and advise anyone to stay clear of him and possibly that hospital as well. Thanks Kim

At Wed, 16 May 2001, Tim Bloedow wrote: >
>My wife has been experiencing chronic abdominal pain for over 3 months
>now. She's had several open surgeries and laparoscopies due to ovarian
>cysts. So, based on our research we figure it is related to adhesions.
>(She has a small hernia, but surgeons say it would only cause localized
>pain, not everything she is feeling.) Today she's all but given up on
>her GP who has accused her of being addicted to the morphine she takes
>regularly to combat the pain (MS Contin and Statex to supplement when
>pain gets worse). He knows nothing about pain control and palliation.
>He tried her on neurontin, and she hates the side-effects; he just
>prescribed Tegretol today but after researching that on the Internet, we
>aren't going to fill the prescription. She is scheduled to see the only
>surgeon who so far has said he would be prepared to open her up again,
>clean up any adhesions (probably fix the hernia while he's in there) and
>hope for the best. Even with no guarantees, my wife is prepared to go
>this route because nothing else is helping (including the 3 or 4
>anaesthetic injections she's been given by a couple of other doctors).
>Is this a good idea or should she explore other alternatives before
>agreeing with the surgery?
>Also, we are in the Ottawa, Canada area. If anybody can recommend a new
>GP to use who doesn't say that adhesions don't cause pain that would be
>a great help. Also recommendations regarding surgeons would be a help
>too. This surgeon we are seeing is just a general surgeon and we aren't
>sure how comfortable we are with him.
>Thanks for any help anybody can offer.

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