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Tue Aug 21 11:22:29 2001

Shali, This last surgery in May was for abdominal adhesions. This time my bowel was attached to my pelvis on my left side and I also had some on the right side, but not as bad as in the past. It was the first time I had it done laproscopically but had 4 other adhesion related surgeries with full incisions. I mainly was hoping this surgery would help problems walking and hip/butt pain.

I also had 2 other surgeries in the past year on my hip and also one for an abscessed cyst on the outer abdominal wall.

My problems started due to almost dying having my first C-section and then a severe staff infection of that incision.....then another C-Section and later a partial hysterectomy. After that it was down-hill!

That made a total of 8 major abdominal surgeries but I also have multiple other problems so I have had 18 surgeries on my body.

That is how I lost my ovaries many year ago..... due to adhesions totally encasing them and attaching them to my vagina, bowel & pelvis. JEAN

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Jean -

What kind of surgery did you have?

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