To Lillian from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Aug 20 19:36:51 2001

Dear Lillian, My poor eyes had a realy hard time reading that green stuff. Sorry, I know you must love it or you wouldn't have put it out there, but its almost impossible to read and we want to know what you're saying. Love, Sally wrote:

> dEAR Diane,
> With Laparoscopic surgery because they use gas to blow up your tummy
> it
> does take time for the swollen abdomen and soreness to go away. Please
> be
> patient and adhere to not overdoing it . Do you still have pain pills
> or
> maybe you could take over the counter pain releivers. My doc made me
> take 3
> Motrin at a time.
> Lillian
> Hope you feel better soon.

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