Re: question - Janet...Lupron?

From: Millie (
Mon Aug 20 15:01:52 2001

Janet, I was treated with Lupron for 6 months at a time.... for two separate times. The first time, it did help me, but I did have some bone pain and some hot flashes. The second time also helped, but I didn't have the bone pain during the second round of shots.

Then I tried a third time, which was only one shot, but I just couldn't stand it, for some reason. I had been told that they usually only try Lupron once or twice, because it can cause some irreversible bone loss in some patients. But, oh, how I wish I'd have forced myself to stand the third try, because I wouldn't have had this stinking hyst and the accompanying problems. The first two times of Lupron injections were 1 shot a month, for 6 months at a time. If you don't have a prescription plan, be prepared!!! Each shot is anywhere from $300 up to $500!!! Thank God that Ed's insurance covered all but the $5 co-pay. Please let me know what happens. Love, Millie

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Dear Helen,

Thank you for your reply. I do have an appt set with a new gyn Sept 13, but I was wondering in the meantime if anyone had been treated successfully with Lupron or any other drug.

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Dear Janet:

Sounds like a question for your GYN; bleeding three times per month is not normal and of course unpleasant (one of the reasons I had my hysterectomy). I'd make an appt. with my GYN and see what she/he has to say.

Oh, this is my work e-mail if anyone is wondering who this is, and any replies should be made to Hmmm, now wondering if this will come through as interrupted2001 or hchalm., well I won't know until I send it.

Love, Helen C.

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