Re: My thoughts are with you Jean....

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Aug 20 13:19:17 2001

Dear Jean, You are so skilled and I'm sure your husband is too. I know that there is age discrimination in hiring. It's so unfair. But there are so many people looking for other people to fix their broken houses, that maybe he could start his own business. Just a thought. And there's always unemployment, but as you know, if you are self-employed you can't get it. It's also not a lot of money. We took in my husband's mother seven years ago. She is now 93. It's a lot of work expecially as they get older and less able to do the regular things. She used to be a very modest women, well, last week she walked into the dining room with nothing from the waist down. That was a shock to everyone, but that's rare. We usually get her dressed and presentable earlier. That will teach us. Anyway, good luck, Love, and prayers, Sally


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