Re: Gloria- Hi All-Great news!

From: Gloria (
Mon Aug 20 13:06:42 2001

Hi Jean,

My last surgery was on July 9th. Dr. Rauh in Miles City, MT. He is a very compassionate Dr. Does not believe it's 'normal for women to have pain'. I was so grateful to him. He literally gave me back my life-and 'myself' and I told him so. I was absolutely willing to become his personal slave for the rest of my life I was so grateful to have my health back. He did tell me there are no gaurantees-but did say this surgery went well. He said the reason I was in so much pain after this last surgery was because he had to use larger instruments to deal with the Sepra-film. If the pain starts to return-notice I said IF, not when-I plan on going to one of the doctors I've learned about from this site. (I better start saving my $$ now, LOL) As for the children- the twins came along 10 years after I thought I was done in this department and is what set all these past surgeries (5, so far) off. Thank goodness they are cute as the dickens. I really believe we are only given what we can handle ( I think sometimes God just wants to toughen us up). I never have thought about myself as being a tough woman-but the last two years have changed that somewhat. ( I guess that might be a bit of an understatement) I do not plan on abandoning the IAS site-there are so many people who come on there that I would like to talk with and help in any way I can. I send a short message when I can to the people who really seem to be crying out for help. I wish I could do more. I plan on contacting Bev. D. to see what I can do along those lines. The treatment ( or more accurately-the lack of) that I received on so many numerous occasions and the disrespect I was shown was appalling. These docs really need to be re-educated. Best wishes to you,

love and hugs, Gloria :)

Jean Long wrote:

> Gloria,
> That is great news, I hope it continues for you!
> When did you have your last surgery and where?
> A single parent of 5 with twins-age 2, God bless you woman!!!
> You must be one strong woman!
> "A Friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you!!!"

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> I haven't written for awhile and have only been able to read some of the
> posts over the past weeks. There are so many of you I would like to
> talk with but just do not have the time. (Kind of an understatement for
> a single parent of 5 with twins-age 2). I was in a lot (maybe I should
> have capitalized that) of pain for about 5 weeks after my last surgery
> (adhesions). This time my doc used Seprafilm. I finally am pain free
> and loving life. ( I am of course keeping my fingers crossed it lasts
> this time.) It is so nice to be able to say NO MORE PAIN MEDICINE, no
> more laxatives, (sorry to shout and brag, but I can't help myself). Hang
> in there everyone-there is hope! To all the new people: Sorry you're
> here-but if you are anything like me you will find this place and the
> people here absolute life-savers. The wealth of information and the
> loving and caring of the poeple here. Smile ladies-I'm sending all my
> good health vibes to all of you. Keeping you in my thoughts and
> prayers, love Gloria :)
> --
> Gloria

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