Re: Help

From: shali9 (
Mon Aug 20 12:47:34 2001

> Hi Shali,
> That's my fault I'm sorry. We have started a gratitude journal to help
> us lift each others spirits. We use it to take our minds off the pain
> we all suffer with. Not all the messages will be about wood, I promise!

Oh good! Had me worried there!. Now my husband might like this list if youre going to talk about cabinets because ironically thats his forte

> I hope you will stay, because I know that there are those among us who
> can answer your questions. My apologies again for the confusion,
> Regards,
> Jo (Australia)

Yes I DO have some questions but have to get them together so thanx for clueing me into what list I subscribed to! Ha Ha. I REALLY had to wonder!


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