Re: Congratulations Nancy

From: Janet Karam (
Sun Aug 19 23:16:00 2001

Ooooh...I'm so happy for you Nancy! It's gotta feel good to be in your home again. for your little package my pretty!

Love you,


Well, Girls and guys, I have an entry for the gratitude journal.

(Drum roll please)

After 3.5 months of very hard work and camping out with cold running water but no hot, limited power, and sleeping on the hide-a-bed (God that thing is uncomfortable!), we have moved back into the trailer!!!!!!!!! *LOL* It's been a long hard journey.

My mobile home had to be moved as I had not bought the land it was sitting on. After I quit work May 4th, we started packing everything up, jacked up the two rooms that were built onto the side of it, hired a tow truck, and moved the whole 9 yards 12 miles away to my Other Half's property. We then had to moved his house (older, tiny, and unfinished), level the land, moved the trailer into position, and then renovate it.

Although the renovations are not completely finished, I have a brand new bathroom and laundry room, Shawn's room (my stepson) has been semi-redecorated, and the master bedroom reattached, and we can live here again. We still have a section to build, as we are completely doubling the size of the trailer to make it 60' long and 24' wide, which has always been my dream.

In spite of the pain of ARD and fighting my GP to get proper treatment, I am going to have a home that I can be proud of.

Hope everyone can find something they can rejoice in today.

Grinning from ear to ear (I sleep in a real bed tonight!!!!)

Nancy in NB

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