Re: gratitude

From: Millie (
Sun Aug 19 21:51:18 2001

This makes 2 of us!!! Earlier, I was engrossed in watching some of the rock groups from the late 60's til the present. The music took me back to the good old days!!! For awhile, I forgot my problems, and took about 20 years off of myself. We're talking Led Zeppelin, and such!! :0)) Boy, was THAT nice!!! Hope everyone's weekend was nice. Millie

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> I have gratitude today for music. It can touch my
> heart and reach a part of my spirit that nothing else
> can reach. My favorite artist is that babe
> "Sting"...I love his lyrics and his rythym. (that
> spelling doesn't look right...rythm?) You can feel
> like doo doo and your favorite song can come on and
> completely make you forget. My husband can yell at me
> and I'll sneak off to a silent place and listen to
> some headphones and I feel better. Music. Where
> would the world be without any form of music? Marianne
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