From: marianne bolding (
Sun Aug 19 14:54:21 2001

Yippee Sally....I hope that your progression keeps on going forward. Bad Pains stay away for good!!! It's funny to see "how to catch a llama" on this site. LOL--I don't even think I've seen one but a couple times at the zoo...much less a chocolate color. Love you, Marianne --- Sally Grigg <> wrote: > Dear Brenda, I'm not sure yet, because I'm still on
> pain meds and I do still
> have some pain, but I'm out of agony. I can stay up
> out of bed most of the
> day. I can function, and all because of Dr. Reich
> and his team (Redan,
> Gerhart, etc.) Its only been since June 28th, so I
> may not be all healed and
> they may come back, but I'm not in pain AT THIS VERY
> wanted you to know. Love, Sally from California

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