Re: Belly Button Pain You silly Jay you.........

Sun Aug 19 14:46:28 2001

tee hee Jay - now how did you know my belly button was pierced? Did I send you that picture in my Harley days? tee hee.......just kidding. I could never pierce my bully button. I have a thing about my belly button ever since I was a child. My husband can't even go near the belly button without me doing the kibby. ") There's no redness around my belly button go I guess that tosses out the idea of infection. I believe it has something to do with adhesions. With my last surgery, last July, Dr. Reich and Redan couldn't even go through the belly button because of all the adhesions. So they had to go in on the side to loosen up the adhesions by my belly button, then were able to go through the belly button. Hmmmm, do you think I should go and have that surgery now instead of later? My body is definitely telling me something. Love ya Jay, ~Chrissie xo's

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