To Deborah C. from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Aug 18 20:17:51 2001

Dear Deborah, Hi, I don't know what to say. We here on the adhesions board have all been through hell and back. We're here for you to vent and say what you want. There are also excellent articles in the old e-mails (see Helen Dynda). The web page, is also filled with lots of information. You can go to a pain clinic and get on medication if it's agony to live, but remember if you get on opiods, someday you may have to get off. But living in pain is certainly not the way to go, we all agree on that. We can pray for you and wish you well and hope you write again. You can also see if there are any support groups near you. If you are suffering from adhesions we can refer you to good doctors, but they're American or German. Love, Sally Grigg

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