Re: fibromylasia questions - Helen C. from KCMO Rose

From: Rose Lunn (
Sat Aug 18 18:05:22 2001

Hey sweetie,

I did have my ARD before being diagnosed as having fibro. One of the books I read did show some connection between bodily trauma (hmmmmm, ARD?) and the onset of fibro. But, I also suffer from post-traumatic stress also....which muddies the water somewhat.

I'm glad to see that our great minds do think alike!

Love ya, kcmo rose

At Thu, 16 Aug 2001, wrote: >
>No doctor has said there is a connection, but I've started to wonder
>I've been wondering the same. Is there any connection between ARD and
>getting fibromyalgia, with the way I've been feeling with all the aching and
>chronic fatique I just feel like I have many of the symptoms. When I go to
>my pain specialist next month I'm going to have him do the trigger point
>test. Anyone else out there that started with ARD and then got fibromyalgia?
>Helen C.

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