Marianne- oatmeal & metamucil

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Fri Aug 17 20:14:23 2001


Now why would I hate you because you can tolerate what I cannot?? It is wonderful if it works for you!! Much better for you than what I and lots of others must do to keep functioning. I stuck to the Metamucil etc. years ago for at least a month and just got much worse, but then I did have a partial bowel obstruction from the adhesions. Now I am just totally messed up from so many years of crap from doctors before finding the adhesions.

You could last for several or even many years as I did in the past if you do what you have to in order to keep things tolerable & moving, the longer the better. Can't keep getting surgeries for adhesions every year or sooner or you could have 20 or more until your my age and 50 or more until you die if age 80, can't do that. I always waited until there was absoulutely no other choice. I had 5 in 30 years and that was enough! Of course I also had many other surgeries unrelated to adhesions.

Hope you enjoyed the Chicken Spaghetti as much as the Pot Pie. JEAN

"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you!!!"

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Don't hate me...I can do oatmeal. also, almonds and peanut butter, and I am able to use metamucil every day. (It took a couple weeks for my body to adjust to it...but, I kept at it...didn't give in, and it has worked for me as my "dietary supplement"). I have a BM most days, too. It depends on what time I go to sleep, did I get enough sleep, what I eat, and if I take the metamucil, and stress...some days are good days and some days are bad days. Just one day at a time. I used to be able to do dry beans...but, maybe not anymore...I will try them again one day and see if I get sick again. It could have been the milk I drank 2 hours before I ate. I know I can't, but, I was hoping it'd changed. Doctor said I could have ate too much before, you told me. My stomach does whatever it wants leads...I follow....and learn as I go. Maybe, my adhesion pain will remain "tolerable" for at least a "good" while. Going on 2 months post-op. Hopefully, Robin will feel a little relief, too. Love, Marianne

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