Re: Barium Enema to check for adhesions on Monday

From: Brenda (
Fri Aug 17 17:18:43 2001

At Fri, 17 Aug 2001, gidge wrote: >
>Hi there, well my gyn has sent me to a GI dr who has ordered a Barium
>Enema for Monday to look at my colon and check for adhesions.....has
>anyone had this and has it shown adhesions for you?

Hi there Gidge, I just went through that test also to find out if i had adhesions on the bowel, what they are really checking for is to see if the adhesions are causing and obstruction. It is a bit uncomfortable but if you feel unconfortable tell them and they will give you something to relax. Once you have the test fror about 2 days your bowel movements and urine will come out white so don't be scared. I was thought something was wrong heheheh. May I ask where you live and please email me if you want to talk because I am going through the same problems.

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