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From: Jean Long (
Fri Aug 17 00:28:29 2001

Marianne, Yes, I have problems swallowing off & on. As a matter of fact 2 of my Herblax were "stuck" in my throat for 10 minutes the other night (guess they went down side by side). I thought "oh my, I'm gonna choke to death". It wouldn't go down no matter how much I swallowed or drank. I finally turned on the hot water and drank a whole glass little by little hoping to dissolve them enough for them to go down and they finally did. Sure did scare me and hubby was asleep. I will take one at a time for now on! I don't know what causes it. Sometimes it is from the hernia backing the food up but not always. Maybe inflammation? Yes, I smoke a pack a day and get worse when pain is bad. It does make the hiatal hernia & ulcer worse. I get short of breath when the pressure under my rib gets bad. I take water pills off & on and they help relieve the bloating & pressure. I can't eat alot at one time and your not suppose to anyway or it backs up. Even with small amounts it can back up and I keep "re-swallowing" my food for hours!

You can also get the Endoscopy to check the condition of the esophagus, any duodenal or stomach ulcer and hiatal hernia.

My chiropractor takes two fingers in-between the upper curve of the ribs and has me take a deep breath, he then pulls his fingers down real fast pulling the hernia down. Takes my breath for a couple seconds. Haven't had it done since I stopped going after my hip replacement.

Hope this helps! JEAN

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Jean...I should have guessed that you would have scoliosis. It would be hard to imagine a perfect back with a bad hip. Seems like they'd go hand in hand. Do you have problems swallowing due to your neck problems? Do you due to the hernia? You smoke, too, don't you? How much do you smoke a day? I smoke...getting worse with all the stress, too. Everything I do I associate with a cigarette. I am really trying to get to the bottom of this chest/diaphragm problem, it's hard to ever catch a whole breathing is so shallow...and now the difficulties swallowing. Dr. Gerhart tells me I should follow up with a ph level test to check the acid and the damage done to the esophagus. I forwarded you the letter. I always felt that my pcp should check the esophagus...especially since the hernia meds don't work with these two symptoms. Is it my hernia the curve of my neck (if you could have seen those horrid x-rays...I checked the name cause I couldn't believe it was me). Is it the hernia/esophagus probs? or is it something else? The chiro I'm seeing is very good. Does kinesiology. Helps the hernia alot...he rubs it a special hurts while its happening...but feels so much better afterwards. He said it looked like I whiplashed my neck and never treated it....years ago he said...not recently. I've been in 5 accidents in 8 years. 2 were my fault. I'll be seeing him three times a week for a month so far...It's expensive, but, health is important. I hope you are feeling well. Sorry about the recipe...I have the spaghetti pie one still. Love, Marianne

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