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Thu Aug 16 19:16:40 2001

Here are 2 websites for fibromyalgia. Information & support group message boards. JEAN

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At Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Rose Lunn wrote: >
>I can tell you that the blood tests only rule out other diseases. I
>went through blood tests, psycology tests, scans, sonograms, etc. It
>wasn't until I took myself to a pain mgmt. doctor that he did the
>physical exam (the only sure way to know) and found that I had 17 of the
>18 tender points present. You only need 11 tender points and a history
>of pain and fatigue for more than 3 months to be diagnosed as having
>Search this site for fibromyalgis, I'm sure Helen D. has placed info
>out here somewhere. Please make sure your doctor either knows how to
>test for fibro or will send you to either a rheumatologist or pain dr.
>that does.
>I have learned that there is no cure for fibro....some life style
>changes help and analgesiacs and light exercises. Stress is a big
> we all can just exercise and eat right and not worry about
>jobs, relationships, family, etc.
>No doctor has said there is a connection, but I've started to wonder
>Hope this helps!
>kcmo rose
>At Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Kathy Kurutz a.k.a. Mary Kathy Kurutz wrote:
>>At Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Cindy wrote:
>>>Hi everyone. I hope you are all feeling well.
>>>I think I recall seeing that some of y'all had

I think it's interesting how many disorders are connected (or at least possibly connected) with each other. A few years ago, I remember reading in the endometriosis newsletter that there were studies being done on the connection between endo and fibromyalgia. They were finding connections and they were even finding a lot of connections in families (e.g., mother has fibro; daughter has endo.). When I mentioned this to a doctor (I have endo; my mother has fibro.), she said "Well, the only connection I know of is that they're both syndromes." Aren't you tired of being insulted by some doctors AND having to educate them? Good luck. Ellen

fibromylagia. I have not >>>been feeling well for the last month. deep muscle pain in my neck,
>>>shoulders, chest & legs. I finally went to the doctor on Friday. he
>>>seems to think that I have an autoimmune disease, possibly rheumatoid
>>>arthritis or lupus or fibromylagia. he took a lot of blood for numerous
>>>tests. I go back next Friday. I was wondering if anyone could tell me
>>>a little about it. I find it rather interesting that

several of us have >>>IBD & fibromylasia, maybe adhesions are a part of an autoimmune disease
>>>or the adhesions cause an autoimmune response in our bodies.
>>>Elke, good luck on your surgery. I will be praying for your quick &
>>>total healing, under Dr. Korrell's care.
>>>Sherrie Marie, I was so sorry to hear about your husband. I will be
>>>praying for his healing too & for peace & strength for the both of you.
>>>thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions y'all have for me.
>>Kathy Kurutz aka Mary Kathy Kurutz

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