my latest Drama

From: marianne bolding (
Thu Aug 16 14:58:52 2001

Well...I received bad news from my chiro yesterday. As a kid I had minor scoliosis...we did new x-rays to see how I've progressed (especially after all these car accidents)...I am now in stage II of major scoliosis. The point of "no return". I have a reflux of 80 degrees....when it hits 100 I will have to have surgery and get pins and stuff in the back to straighten the spine. This is apparently what is causing my diaphragm pressure. The spine is pushing my lungs onto the rib cage. My neck is even worse. showing breakdown and deteriation. Possible reason to why I have problems swallowing. I may have to check into a brace for now. The only thing I can do is try to prevent it from hitting 100 so I can avoid surgery. With the pain I feel all over...I don't even care anymore. I never know if it's hernia, adhesions, or back-shoulder and neck probs. It's just a constant achy feeling everywhere. I was so sick last night. And feeling ill today, too. Pushed up my appt. with the PCP to try to get more tests done before my insurance runs out. Test for acid damage, and blockage in swallowing. Colette, you were talking about the chiro to me in an diagnosis should let you know that I completely encourage you to go. Every little part plays an important factor in our over all well-being. Chiro's are not quacks. There is a legitimacy to their work. Kinesiology has been known to help with some bowel problems. An incorrect spine can increase your difficulties to pass. Maybe it "could" help you. And yes, call the OBGYN doc. and try to push up everything you said. And get a pcp in it, too. The more docs you have the better chance you'll get of one person listening to you. If you deal with one doc at a time and he is not'll take longer for you to find relief. Schedule them all. I find it intersting how every thing is crossing over. Anorexia can affect your bones, your GI tract, and OBGYN factors. Scoliosis is a break down of tissue and muscles causing weakening of the spine...isn't an adhesion a tissue? Funny huh? Please take care of yourself. Love, Marianne

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