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From: Rose Lunn (
Thu Aug 16 14:42:58 2001


I can tell you that the blood tests only rule out other diseases. I went through blood tests, psycology tests, scans, sonograms, etc. It wasn't until I took myself to a pain mgmt. doctor that he did the physical exam (the only sure way to know) and found that I had 17 of the 18 tender points present. You only need 11 tender points and a history of pain and fatigue for more than 3 months to be diagnosed as having fibro.

Search this site for fibromyalgis, I'm sure Helen D. has placed info out here somewhere. Please make sure your doctor either knows how to test for fibro or will send you to either a rheumatologist or pain dr. that does.

I have learned that there is no cure for fibro....some life style changes help and analgesiacs and light exercises. Stress is a big we all can just exercise and eat right and not worry about jobs, relationships, family, etc.

No doctor has said there is a connection, but I've started to wonder myself!

Hope this helps! kcmo rose

At Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Kathy Kurutz a.k.a. Mary Kathy Kurutz wrote: >
>At Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Cindy wrote:
>>Hi everyone. I hope you are all feeling well.
>>I think I recall seeing that some of y'all had fibromylagia. I have not
>>been feeling well for the last month. deep muscle pain in my neck,
>>shoulders, chest & legs. I finally went to the doctor on Friday. he
>>seems to think that I have an autoimmune disease, possibly rheumatoid
>>arthritis or lupus or fibromylagia. he took a lot of blood for numerous
>>tests. I go back next Friday. I was wondering if anyone could tell me
>>a little about it. I find it rather interesting that several of us have
>>IBD & fibromylasia, maybe adhesions are a part of an autoimmune disease
>>or the adhesions cause an autoimmune response in our bodies.
>>Elke, good luck on your surgery. I will be praying for your quick &
>>total healing, under Dr. Korrell's care.
>>Sherrie Marie, I was so sorry to hear about your husband. I will be
>>praying for his healing too & for peace & strength for the both of you.
>>thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions y'all have for me.
>Kathy Kurutz aka Mary Kathy Kurutz

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