Re: Bowel Obstruction??

From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Aug 15 22:03:29 2001

Dear Lesa, Please drink lots of water, and if that doesn't work, go to the doctor. You should probably call the doctor in the morning anyway, to let someone know. I'm not a doctor obviously, wish I were. I could administer to all the site. Good luck and stay in touch, Do you have a good doctor? Maybe you could e-mail Dr. Redan, someone else posted his address just today I think. And fly there immediately. That's a pipe dream, I know. Love, Prayers, and lots and lots and lots of water. Sally

Lesa wrote:

> Hello! I have a problem and am a little scared, I wanted to see if
> anyone had any advise. I have been having severe pain the last few days
> (more than usual)and really hadn't that good of a bowel movement in a
> week or I thought I'd take a laxative last night. Well I took
> four senokot's last night and still all today, nothing! I am afraid I
> have a bowel obstruction, my stomach is all bloated and the pain is
> pretty intense. I just took four more laxatives and I'm hoping by
> tomorrow morning they will have worked. But what if it doesn't? HELP!!
> Love you all,
> Lesa

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