Re: Is This Part of ARD?? - Chrissie

Tue Aug 14 22:31:44 2001


Thanks for your help sweets. I don't actually have pain radiating down my legs, it's rather an all over terrible ache. I felt I could actually push on my legs and it would hurt to the touch. I have had that shooting pain before down my leg, but, ok I can say that's adhesions, but this terrible aching is bothering me because that is the unknown and it just started in the last month or so. So aching and cramping that I feel I would rather just lie in bed and not move than start walking around the house which I know I should be doing.

I made it through another day of work today with minimal pain and am now just experiencing sharp shooting pains in my right side. Hey, that's a good day. Tomorrow, now I know I will pay for it, and will probably be in a lot of pain, but it was actually worth it to get out of the house and feel normal.

Love to you,

Helen C.

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