been to see gyn. she is reluctant to do another scope what can I do?

From: gidge (
Tue Aug 14 11:40:34 2001

Hi there I posted awhile back about my right lower quadrant pain ...had a hysterectomy in Feb/00 and then had a laprascopic adhesion removal in Jan/01 and incision revision in Feb/ pain has returned with a vengence and hurts alot with activity or when I have to have a bowel movement. My gyn sent me to a gastro who doesn't think it's my bowel but possible adhesions and he has ordered a barium enema for next Mon.....went back to the gyn and said I can't stand the pain and she said that going back in after the adhesions is not a good long term answer as it will cause more adhesions and I said I didn't care I just wanted some relief from the pain ....she ordered a pelvic ultrasound and abdominal ultrasound both of which showed nothing (although the tech spent a ton of time on the area that causes me the most pain).....she said that although it's not that she wouldn't consider going back in she's reluctant...and thought maybe I should try pain management.....I'm not willing to do that until I know that I've done everything to eliminate the physical cause of my am I going to get this dr to understand the amount of pain I"m in and that I need relief?

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