To Chrissy & Helen C from Colette

From: Colette (
Tue Aug 14 09:45:51 2001

Thank you for all the hugs! Today mentally i'm doing better but boy last night was hard i hurt so bad! Today i'm going to do some research on finding a good doc.I have a list so i'm going to look them up and find out everything about them! I've been to so many that i don't like!Anyways i did too much yesterday so today i'm going to take it easy! Chrissy thank you for those hugs and kisses! I'll hang in there1 Helen your such a wonderful person and i think everyone is right i need to keep posting because this board does keep me going thank you! and no matter how dumb i think it is or don't want to bother i need to vent! Helen c please take care of yourself i know your in pain! Smile because you've helped me smile! Chrissy i know you've had your ups and downs but you have a great personality and you hang in ther too! you made me smile! Ok you too job well done! On that note i have to go potty yaaaa!! What a joy to poop!! LOL! love ya!!!

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