Re: here is a picture on my new addition to my family

From: Robin (
Tue Aug 14 07:23:30 2001

I have 5 cats right now. 2 are kittens. We also have 2 dogs, 1 is mine (the well behaved one) 4 fish & our 2 hamsters just had babies. So we now have 7 babie hamsters! (They are sooooo cute, but when they are old enough, I am giving them away!!) The kids also raise animals to show at the fair, so we also have 2 lambs, really sweet, but will taste good, & one silly pig!(sho will taste great!!) & we have 3 chickens that give us eggs daily. MY PETS are like my other kids. They still like to cuddle with me no matter how old they are! Of course, they have to lick me to say "I love you", but they are my babies just the same. When I lost my 16 year old cat, it was like loosing a member of the family, I greived just as hard for her as I did when I lost my grandmother. Pets is just another name for children! love robin

Tue, 14 Aug 2001, wrote: >
>hey Millie - sweets,
>you are so right, pets are little people. i talk to all my animals as if
>they were my kids. i can't have kids but i can have animals. my husband is
>begging more pets in the house. hmmmmmmm, i have 6 fish, 3 cats, and
>a dog. ok, i guess it's time to tie my imaginary tubes now......tee hee
>love and hugs to you Millie,
>Chrissie xo's

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